The ArtExchange hosts exhibitions that include local, national, and international artists and collaborates with recognized universities, curators, and scholars. The ArtExchange has over 5000 square feet of exhibition space. Shows are booked at least three months in advance. If you would like to show at the ArtExchange check our News tab for current call to artists. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date opportunities.



July 16 - August 20


Viscera - a title drawn from the visceral qualities shared by the three artists in the show, is an opportunity to take a close look at the surfaces, textures, and forms embodied through abstract paintings and sculptural installations. It is our hope that our explorations with the physical materials can lay bare new perspectives and experiences for the viewer. Ideally, the works imbibe a spirited, industrious, playful, and restful space for the viewer to enter into and to contemplate.


Tina Linville uses a variety of fiber-based and household materials to create sprawling amorphous installations. At the heart of her practice is a determined exploration of the relationship amongst materials in three-dimensional form. At times wrapped in colorful sheer gauze-like fabrics, the forms and structures take on a density that is at times almost comical, like lozenges that contain familiar elements that grow and connect in playful ways.


Dan Callis and Jordan Christian share a similar approach to abstract painting, one that is well within the tradition of abstract expressionism yet continuing in the pursuit of a sincere, nuanced, expressive surface. While at times harmonious and imbued with light, the works also range into the absurd and grotesque in certain mark-making.



Curated by Steven Frost

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Featuring work by:

Marisa Williamson

Megan Mueller

Stephanie Lie

Sarah Hotchkiss

Samuel Hertz


We are excited to present work by these artists who take everyday objects and experiences and add their signature, giving us new perspectives on something familiar. New York-based artist Marisa Williamson inserts herself in daily life as Thomas Jefferson's slave and mistress, Sally Hemings. Her paintings and performances document this experience and confront histories of racial inequality and feminine empowerment. Oakland-based artist Samuel Hertz looks at the landscape through the field of sound. San Francisco-based artists Stephanie Lie and Sarah Hotchkiss both bring the act of play into their work. Prints by Lie reimagine landscape from the point of view of a weather balloon* and Hotchkiss designs surreal game pieces for future children. Santa Barbara-based artist Megan Mueller explores the merging of spatial relationships via the built and natural environments in her duck hunt inspired sculptures.

3rd Annual Holiday Salon

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3RD ANNUAL HOLIDAY SALON showcases over 20 artists at the ArtX Community Gallery with a floor to ceiling exhibit in the spirit of the Salon d’Apollon. This salon (est 1648) shifted art viewing from museum walls of dead artists to gallery walls of living artists.


This collection of work encourages patrons to purchase art for the holidays by showcasing several artists in a diverse range of mediums. The annual salon has grown from a few dozen pieces in its first year to over 200 pieces this year.









ArtXwalk Catalogue:15

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ArtExchange proudly presents its inaugural group show of ArtX studio artists, Catalogue:15, that will run February 14 - 28, 2015 in Long Beach, CA.


Celebrating the working artists of ArtX, Catalogue:15 will showcase works through a curated sampling of two pieces – one small and one large – from each studio artist.



5x10 Contemporary

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5X10: Contemporary is an art exhibit aimed at offering the community of Long Beach access to five forward thinking artists whose interests are distinct and whose ambitions are selfless. The five artists selected by curator Jorge Mujica reflect a process of creating that is centered around self-driven ideas. The result is an experience that evokes natural curiosity.


Jorge describes the show, "The attitudes showcases in the exhibition display a mastery of materials that can only be understood through repetition and experience."

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